• Preview: Jacob Collier
    The multi-Grammy award winner, jazz prodigy, Jacob Collier, is set to continue his worldwide tour with a highly-anticipated performance at Gorilla in Manchester. The 24-year-old vocalist, multi-ins
  • The Fulford Arms' 5th Birthday: An evening with The Howl & The Hum
    “If you condense a novel, you get a short story, if you condense a short story, you get a lyric”. Bursting out of York’s underrated yet immensely rich music scene are the peculiarly named The
  • Manchester PhD student dances her thesis
    A PhD student at the University of Manchester has made a dance video explaining her PhD thesis. Aljona Kolmogorova, who is in her final year of completing of a biology and neuroscience PhD, has ent
  • Manchester’s Green Future
    As environmental issues become more prominent on the national radar, city leaders are under increasing pressure to go green. Manchester has been one of the most forward-thinking cities in the UK when
  • Review: Aquaman
    A treat for the senses, Aquaman has more than made up for the string of mediocre releases in the DC Universe in recent years. From a director who has proven his mettle in sending chills down the sp
  • Radio bursts from deep space puzzle astronomers
    Early results from the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) have recorded bursts of radio waves from outside our Milky Way. This finding constitutes the second ever recording of thes
  • Manchester Uni staff could strike with fresh UCU ballot
    The Universities and Colleges Union (UCU), which represents university staff in the UK, have announced they are to ballot 143 universities over potential strike action. The ballot, which opens on 1
  • Review: The Frou Frou Club
    I entered a world of stunning costumes and flamboyant audience members when I went to see the amazing Burlesque talent in The Frou Frou Club. The night started off with the comedic styling of Cece Sin
  • Live Review: WHP & Kaluki Presents 'All Night Long'
    Kaluki, the Manchester based record label we all know and love, took over one of the final instalments at Store Street for The Warehouse Project — in a clear bid to make the job of reviewing the nig
  • The politics of complaining about food
    Last week, for the first time ever, I complained about food in a restaurant. I had been looking forward to my mango and tofu salad all day. Yes, I’m one of those people who studies the menu online i

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