• Nature, Manchester and You
    A city like Manchester can really take it out of you. Whether you're running up and down 6 flights of stairs to make it to your next lecture on time or bustling through Deansgate Locks to get a selfie
  • Artefact of the Week: Owens Park Tower
    Owens Park Tower is so well-known to all those who have studied in Manchester, that most times its name drops the 'Owens Park' and is simply called 'The Tower'. Nominally a hall of residence, it no
  • Be mindful of your mental health
    What is the one thing that all freshers have in common? Some aspect of starting university is making them anxious. This will vary from the severe to the slight, but no one escapes some degree of an
  • UoM signs up for Covering Climate Now to fight climate crisis
    More than 170 organisations and news outlets, including the University of Manchester, have signed up for Covering Climate Now, a global media initiative and project aimed at focusing media attention o
  • Dealing with insomnia as a student
    Whether it’s procrastination or talent for working under pressure, most students have done an all-nighter at one time or another during their time at university. For those suffering with insomnia, h
  • There might be more to your painful period
    From as early as primary school, I came to expect and accept that I would grow up to experience period cramps, and that having a period would be painful. Because we’re taught that having a womb a
  • Interview: Dolby Cinema's Julian Stanford
    For the launch of the new Dolby Cinema room at ODEON Trafford Centre, I had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Julian Stanford, Senior Director of Business Development of Dolby Europe. In oth
  • Brutally beaten homeless man given home in Manchester
    A man who experienced an almost deadly attack that left him in a coma is one of 400 rough sleepers in Manchester to be given access to housing and a fresh start. Kieth, 43, has spent the last 25 ye
  • UoM scientists' breakthrough for cancer hair-loss
    Hair-loss during chemotherapy for cancer patients could soon become a thing of the past, thanks to new breakthrough research at The University of Manchester. Scientists from the Centre for Dermatol
  • Déjà-Review: Blue Valentine
    To many people, the entire genre of romance is based upon a well-worn formula. The traditional structure of a boy meeting a girl and, after overcoming some initial difficulties, them falling in love t

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