• Turner Prize praises collectives using art for social change
    In a surprise move, the 2021 Turner Prize judges have shortlisted five art collectives for this year’s award.The shortlist, which was revealed on May 6th, does not feature any individual artist
  • Student businesses to follow #2: Fashion
    Student businesses to follow is a three-part mini-series at the Mancunion Fashion & Beauty section which intends to highlight students that balance their uni work while also managing their own bu
  • It's shorts season: Muscle and Mouth
    The approach of exams and dissertation deadlines also brings the warmer weather. This means it's time for shorts, and the perfect time for short stories. As they require less time commitment than nov
  • Yuck, That's Disgusting! Here's why.
    Ew. Gross. Yuck. Bleurgh.These are just a small sample of the everyday expressions we use to convey our disgust. Such expressions are usually paired with a physical response, like pulling a face,
  • Earth Day 2021: World leaders on climate change
    Earth day took place on the 22nd April. Occurring annually since 1970, its aim is to inspire everyone to take greater care of our planet, from individuals to governments.To mark the day, presiden
  • PPE: Pandemic pollution everywhere
    You can see them hanging from car rearview mirrors, tucked into purses, or dangling from ears. You run back inside to grab one before you go to Sainsbury’s or the pub.Masks, a type of PPE (per
  • Not so sci-fi: Can dinosaur life find a way?
    Since the release of Jurassic Park in 1993, humanity has been fascinated by the possibility of resurrecting dinosaurs. Despite being a work of fiction, the film created significant buzz in the scient
  • 'The Girl From Rio' is giving us the representation we needed
    Over the past few weeks, the international superstar Anitta has been teasing her fans with historical photographs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's most famous city, and the singer's birthplace. Aside from
  • Cinemas are back soon - here's what I'm looking forward to
    As a massive film and entertainment fan, I can safely say I am excited for the reopening of cinema screenings. There is something about the cinema that completely draws you in; enclosing you into the
  • Cinemas vs. streaming: A poor replacement?
    Words by Alex HarrisSo, I was going to write about a variety of movies for this article. However, with cinemas being shut down for so long I have become completely disconnected from finding out t
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