• Live Review: Dermot Kennedy
    As the last bit of daylight lit the stained glass windows of Albert Hall, singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy took the stage with an energetic cheer from the crowd, which continued as he began ‘All My
  • Review: 'Truth and Other Associated Works' by the Creative Writing Society
    Finished just before the dreaded second semester essays and exams loom, Truth and Other Associated Works, a zine showcasing the work of the Creative Writing Society, is a dynamic representation of ove
  • Green, yellow, red?
    Although one cannot dismiss the significance of the recent council elections, the EU elections approaching are of much graver importance. Beyond the various talking points of regular European election
  • The world’s first 3D-printed heart using patients own cells
    In a medical groundbreaking discovery, Tel Aviv University scientists have successfully managed to print a 3D vascularised engineered heart using a patient’s own cells and biological matter. Prio
  • Breakfast brilliance: Dishoom reviewed
    Dishoom is a relatively new Indian restaurant in Spinningfields, attempting to provide a tradition Irani cafe dining experience. Irani cafes have thrived in the Indian sub-continent since British colo
  • Oxford Road re-opens after traffic collision
    A section of Oxford Road near to the University of Manchester has reopened following a collision involving a bus. A police cordon was in place outside University Place. Transport for Greater Man
  • Madlug: Life goes inside
    In 2015, Dave Linton registered Madlug as a social enterprise. With a small sum of £500 to finance such a quest, Madlug luggage brand was born with a vision; to give dignity to children in care. D
  • Review: Thunder Road + Q&A
    Thunder Road is a wild journey through the grief riddled unravelling of a police officer’s life. This may seem unlikely, but the film is a comedy – the shift in tones from sad to comedic throughou
  • Review: Grimmfest “Alien Invasion” Double Bill
    It’s fair to assume that the alien invasion sub-genre of sci-fi/horror is perfect for trashy, late-night film channel programming — but the genre is also home to some of the best films in horror.
  • Preview: Slam Dunk 2019 NORTH
    A newly located, fantastic, and future proof festival for all things punk, metal, and rock is finally hitting the North in the bustling and busy student town of Leeds. Slam Dunk Festival arrives th

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