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The Mancunion, Fuse FM, and Fuse TV

Manchester Media Group

Manchester Media Group is the UK’s most popular media outlet for news, video and audible content!

The UK’s Greatest Student Newspaper

The Mancunion

The student newspaper of the University of Manchester. We’ve been around in various guises since 1964. The Mancunion was first published in 1964 as a bulletin concerned with Union affairs, produced by the Union to compensate for perceived shortfalls in coverage in the main student newspaper until 1974, the Manchester Independent. While it is still produced within the Students’ Union, it is now editorially independent from the Students’ Union and the University of Manchester.

The UK’s Greatest Student Radio Station

Fuse FM

Fuse FM is Manchester University’s student radio station. We first went on air back in 2001, and 13 years later we now broadcast from a brand new, professional quality studio from within the Students’ Union.

We broadcast online throughout the academic year and you can listen to live shows and podcasts on our website. We love our new home, but we need your help to sound great on air. If you want to get in on the action, you’d be more than welcome!

The UK’s Greatest Student TV Station

Fuse TV

We are Fuse TV, the Students’ Union’s very own TV station. It’s the best place to be if you want to go into television, filmmaking, or just flex your creative muscles,. We are one of the fastest-growing student TV stations, only having been started in 2009 with just 2 cameras and Premiere Pro, and we’re now expanding exponentially.

We have a team dedicated to creating high-quality, interesting content to the students of Manchester, and use quality software to create professional-looking videos which are uploaded to our YouTube channel. We also provide training to use all our equipment, software, and to hone your presenting or scriptwriting skills. Soon, we’ll be moving into directing and streaming live shows, which is an exciting new addition to what we can offer you as students.